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The House Cleaners Ltd Story

Since 2018, House Cleaners Ltd have firmly established themselves as a trustworthy cleaning service, to a large range of happy clients in and around London, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire.

House Cleaners Ltd was co-founded by Carlos Trigo Amador and Jhanae Yearwood-Harji while both at university. It became apparent to the directors, that tenants within shared accommodation struggle to keep shared spaces clean and to a livable standard which can lead to an increase in stress and tension among tenants. As well as deposits being withheld or deducted entirely once tenancy agreements have ended. By implementing consumer testing, which helped the business build a proposition to address these problems, House Cleaners Ltd was created.

The company’s mission is to become the trusted provider for all household chores across the United Kingdom.

We are Committed to your safety

Our philosophy revolves around the strength of our workforce, prioritising the well-being and development of our team.  

We believe that our systematic selection process and comprehensive online and in-person training, is what makes House Cleaners Ltd  capable of providing a service built on trust.

With employee feedback systems and opportunities for progression allow for staff to intrinsically value their work, which in turn, is inherent to the success of the organisation.

We continuously train our staff using our online training hub and constantly strive to improve standards. We fully comply with Health & Safety and Employment Law guidelines and have full Employer’s and Public Liability Insurance cover. For more details please contact our customer service team.

We understand the uncertainties that come with allowing strangers into your home or office therefore we have taken the following precautions:

*        Our domestic cleaners are friendly, and all speak English.

*        They are DBS checked and are thoroughly screened before being trained in numerous methods of cleaning services.

*        In addition, all cleaners are fully insured and have provided us with two references for your piece of mind.

*        If your regular cleaner is on holiday, sick leave or not available as scheduled we will provide you with a replacement, who will get the job done with the same level of excellence.



Liability Insured Cleaners

In order to protect both customers and employees, all our employees are liability insured. Making sure both our customers and employees are covered in unforeseen situations.

Reliable Customer Service

Our customer service team is here to help you 6 days a week. Customers are able to contact our customer service team via E-mail or phone and all contact information can be found on our website.

Checked and Vetted

Here at House Cleaners Ltd to ensure your safety and peace of mind we make sure that all employees are DBS checked. This consists of a vigorous process which includes a criminal record check to ensure your home is not only clean but safe.

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