Cleaning Services in Beckton E6

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We are pleased to confirm that we can offer our cleaning services in Beckton E6.

Local Information About

Beckton is located within the London Borough of Newham and historically a part of Essex. Until development in the 19th century Beckton was unpopulated marshland opposite to the River Thames. Houses were first developed within Beckton for workers of gas and sewage works.

The name Beckton originates from the governor of the Gas, Light and Coke Company, Simon Adams Beck in November 1868. There were large number prefabs within Beckton due to the Second World War leaving a huge number of people homeless. All prefab line streets were named after known generals and more heroes however in the 1980’s these all swept away with the exception of one street.

House Cleaners Ltd understand that relaxing and spending time with family and friends matters the most therefore we provide domestic cleaning services in Beckton, which ensures you have the  time for those you love most. 

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