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We are pleased to confirm that we can offer our cleaning services in Canning Town E16.

Local Information About
Canning town

Canning Town is located in East London and historically was a part of Essex however formed part of the London Borough of Newham in 1965. Within 2012 the area according to Newham Council, underwent Custom House Regeneration Programme which included 10,000 new homes as well as creating new jobs and improving the town centre. The £3.7 billion project focuses on transforming Canning Town socially, physically and economically.

In 1890 the Housing Act made Canning Town Council responsible for providing accommodation therefore some of the first council houses were built in Bethell Avenue.  By the 1930’s these council houses were demolished due to the poor conditions of them and replaced with high rise blocks. Within the 19th century Canning Town was primarily marshland and only accessible by toll bridge and boat.

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