Cleaning Services in Elm Park RM12

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We are pleased to confirm that we can offer our cleaning services in Elm Park RM12.

Local Information About
Elm Park

Elm Park is situated in East London. Prior to the construction of Elm Park the parish consisted of farms in the 1930s. After development it was referred to as Elm Park Romford due to its marketing purposes and formed Greater London in 1965. The area formed part of the interwar private housing boom however this was interrupted by World War II.

Elm Park was originally recorded as Elm farm in 1777 and known as Elms in 1883. Further down the line the name Elm Park was devised in 1933.

Have you ever thought that there are not enough hours in the day to complete all your household chores? Here at House Cleaners Ltd we understand that it can be challenging to keep your home up to standard therefore we provide professional cleaners within Elm Park that can help you maintain your home to the standard you desire.

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