Cleaning Services in Upton Park E6

Providing a cleaning service built on trust

We are pleased to confirm that we can offer our cleaning services in Upton Park E6.

We are experienced, skilled and deliver quality results. You are able to leave your property in our care, not only giving you the time to do the things that are most important to you however also returning home to a beautifully cleaned property.

We understand the uncertainties that come with allowing strangers into your home therefore we have taken the following precautions:

  • Our domestic cleaners are friendly, and all speak English.
  • They are DBS checked and are thoroughly screened before being trained in numerous methods of cleaning services.
  • In addition, all cleaners are fully insured and have provided us with two references for your piece of mind.
  • If your regular cleaner is on holiday, sick leave or not available as scheduled we will provide you with a replacement, who will get the job done with the same level of excellence.

Local Information About
Upton Park

Upton Park is located in East London in the borough of Newham. Green Street resides in the center of Upton Park. However historically Green Street house was known locally as Boleyn Castle due to its association with Anne Boleyn who had either stayed within the property at some point or owned the property. However, by the 1980s Boleyn ground was referred to as Upton Park housing estate, further on the developers who paid for a new station to be built also named the station after the estate.

Hiring professionals from House Cleaners Ltd to clean your home, will ensure that you have the extra free time you desire, as well as results, that won’t let you down. Each of our professional cleaners have been trained to ensure that they live up to your expectations.

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